Why chose quartz? 

Have you ever wondered what it is you’re paying for when it comes to the type of material you’re using for your countertops when building or remodeling a home? Have you ever heard of the benefits of using quartz are, if not, you have been missing out! Quartz is a material that is responsibly obtained by professionals who are conscious of what they are doing while excavating the material. Quartz is a tough stone, in fact, the hardest non-porous stone found in the Earth’s surface. The product is polished by water that is 100% recycled meaning that they are protecting the environment and our water sources are not being depleted in the process of making this material look beautiful. When the mining process is taking place for quartz, 70% of what is mined is used in the finished product. With granite, only 35% of what is mined is used in the finished product. 

Unlike granite or marble, quartz is a material that is harder making it more durable, meaning less scratching, chips or stains, if any at all. This material is also non-porous which helps in keeping a sanitized area whether that me in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you desire to have it installed. As a bonus, the quartz is maintenance free which is something you cannot say the same for with granite. There is no sealing required which this material which means the only products you need to keep your countertops looking amazing is a simple wash of mild soap and water!

If you want to be environmentally friendly, reduce your upkeep efforts, and keep a sanitary home you have found the product for you!

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